We offer two spa service packages. Prices may vary according to breed, advanced age or other special needs, size, temperament, skin and coat condition, and general overall health. For mixed breed dogs, prices are based on the predominant breed. 
Please call (772) 913-1177 for a quote. 


Bath & Basics Service: (Bathe & Neaten)

•Hydro Massage Bath with Premium Shampoos
•A Blueberry and Vanilla Spa Fresh Facial
•All Dogs Are Hand Dried (NEVER cage dried)
•A Thorough, Gentle Brushing
•Nails Trimmed and Smoothed
•Ears Cleaned (ear hair removed based on breed & your preference)
•Light trimming on Face (breed specific)
•Feet and Pads Trimmed
•Sanitary Trim on Tummy and Privates
•Anal Glands Expressed (as needed)
•Deodorizing After Bath Spritz/Conditioning Spray
•Bows or Bandana (you choose!)

Deluxe Service: (Full Groom)

Tubby Time Deluxe Service includes everything in our Tubby Time Basics Service, plus a full haircut according to breed standards. Have a special request for your pet? Just ask. We pride ourselves on providing a style that will fit your furry friend’s personality and highlight their best physical attributes. 


At Tubby Time we take the utmost care to ensure the safety and comfort of your pup by providing a loving and peaceful environment.