Why mobile?

There are many advantages for you and your pet when choosing to use a mobile groomer.

Less stress on your pet:  Mobile eliminates many stressors such as overexposure to the chaos of barking dogs and long wait times in a cage. It also lessens their separation anxiety since your pup can look right out the window and see their familiar yard at any time. 

Convenience:  Saves you time and money on gas traveling to and from a shop. We happily come to your front door with our fully contained mobile grooming unit and groom your pup on site. We can either plug into a regular 110 outlet or run our generator.  We have our own water supply on the rig which is freshly filled daily.  


Cage Free:   At no time will your dog ever be in a cage.

One- on-one care:  We do not practice assembly line grooming.  Your pet is bathed, dried by hand, and groomed from beginning to end usually within an hour.

Cleanliness:   Our mobile unit is cleaned and disinfected after EVERY appointment, helping to minimize the possibility of spreading disease.